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  • Communication Module

    Communication Module

    Used to connect electronic devices where in customer wants to use the socket for data transfer through HD15, HDMI, USB modules.

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  • cover plate caramel brown

    cover plate caramel brown

    Show your classy side with the rustic Caramel Brown switch plates and let its beauty speak for itself.

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  • cover plate carmine red

    cover plate carmine red

    Spread warmth in the room with the soothing Carmine Red switch plates that ooze comfort.

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  • cover plate lemon yellow

    cover plate lemon yellow

    Showcase your creativity to the world with the Lemon Yellow switch plates that light up every room.

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  • cover plate raven black

    cover plate raven black

    You can't go wrong with the black. Select the glamourous Raven Black switch plates and showcase the edgy side of you.

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  • cover plate white

    cover plate white

    Express your simplicity with Standard ZOE White switch plates.

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  • CoverPlate Ash Grey

    CoverPlate Ash Grey

    Enhance the beauty of your decor with the subtle Ash Grey switch plates.

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  • hospitality module

    hospitality module

    Outside panel - DND and MMR indicator in 1 M, Engineered with flexible legs for easy installation with front loading and removal.

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  • socket module

    socket module

    All sockets designed with child safety shutters, Chamfered design shutter for easy operation.

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  • support module

    support module

    Engineered with flexible legs for easy installation, robust designed assembly plates smug fit on the wall.

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  • switch module

    switch module

    Double tone switch knob desing, Positive action rocker switches with soft switching mechanism.

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Zoe Modular Range

Browsing online to get the best switches for your home? Stop looking further as you’ve reached the right destination. Standard Electricals, a brand renowned for its electrical products in India, offers the fantastic range of switches called Zoe modular switches. With innovative design backed by the latest technology, the Zoe modular range features a variety of modular switches, sockets, cover frames, support modules and communication modules, along with the hospitality range.

As safety given the utmost priority, Standard has manufactured these switches and cover plates abiding by the safety standards prescribed by the industry. The Zoe range of switches is unique due to its dual orientation cover frames, which can be installed both vertically and horizontally as per the available space. Check online to find the best price and features of Zoe modular switches, sockets, support modules and hospitality range.

Bring home the best of electrical switches from Standard! Not only you get the elegant design, but also amazing convenience with Zoe modular switches. Besides the cover plates, modular switches, sockets, support modules and communication modules, Standard also has the complete hospitality range suitable for hospitals, hotels and other organizations. Buy from Standard’s online store, and get the best modular switches, cover frames, sockets and more at genuine price!