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  • 180 metre

    180 metre

    These high temperature resistant 1.0 SQ. mm, 1.5 SQ. mm, 2.5 SQ. mm, 4.0 SQ. mm & 6.0 SQ. mm cables are available in packaging of 180 m

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  • 90 metre

    90 metre

    Get eco-friendly 1.0 SQ. mm, 1.5 SQ. mm, 2.5 SQ. mm, 4.0 SQ. mm & 6.0 SQ. mm FR LSH PVC Cables that are suitable for commercial buildings.

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Standard Electricals is a premium brand that manufactures technically advanced flexible cables in India. It offers a range of best quality wires and flexible cables which can be utilized for electrification in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Given that we frequently use electrical equipments, it is important to be careful about the safety of people, appliances as well as infrastructure. Available in different sizes in the packaging of 90-m and 180-m, and, Heatshield Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen Cables are one of the best cables available in India.

The HTR FR-LSH cables have been developed for places with high human concentration, and buildings where exits and ventilation is restricted, like cinema halls, multi-storey buildings, shopping malls, commercial complexes, etc. In case of fire, people become victims due to suffocation and non-visibility which occurs due to burning of PVC in such type of establishments. As PVC emits lot of black smoke and toxic gases while burning, Heatshield HTR FR-LSH cables were developed to produce lesser smoke and toxic gases like Halogen.

Together with high oxygen index, Standard’s HTR FR-LSH cables have self-extinguishing properties which don’t allow the fire to spread. The Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen (FRLSH) PVC Insulated Industrial Cables are truly dependable because they are safe & efficient, reliable, heat and fire resistant, lead free and non-toxic. Moreover, these flame retardant cables can be used for electrification in different sectors. Get the best wires that are heat resistant, fire and flame retardant from Standard Electricals, and ensure safety of your loved ones, appliances and switchgear. Experience the long-lasting performance!