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  • Catv co axial cables 305 m

    Catv co axial cables 305 m

    These Co-Axial cables are available in packaging of 305 m

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  • Catv co axial cables 90 m

    Catv co axial cables 90 m

    Get these insulated Co-Axial cables in packaging of 90 m

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Co-Axial TV Cables

Seeing that it’s a computer age, people are accustomed to broadband and cable TV. And using such machines and mechanism has become common for almost everyone. Whether it’s a home, hotel, hospital, corporate office or any other place, the CATV co-axial cables find its application everywhere. To run your computer and cable TV effectively, you need to invest in high quality coaxial cables like that of Standard Electricals.

Standard Electricals, being a trusted brand for electrical products, has crafted these power cables using the best quality material. So, indeed, the CATV co-axial cables are safe, reliable, heat retardant, fire resistant, lead and halogen free and non-toxic as well. Moreover, these coaxial cables are competent enough to be used in a variety of applications. The long-lasting wires provide a high quality picture, notwithstanding changes in weather.

Give your electrical products and machines a good reason to cheer up! Standard Electricals offers CATV co-axial cables in two different lengths – 90 m and 305 m. Made adhering to all the safety regulations, these wires are built according to specifications and requirements of India. Their unmatched quality makes these CATV co-axial cables suitable to be deployed in homes, hotels and corporate offices for broadband, computer networking and cable TV applications.

So, get the best CATV co-axial cables for your electrical machines from Standard and experience the trouble-free performance!